Astonishingly fast web site load speeds for your customers from Oceania, Asia and Australia

By hosting your web sites in our data center in Sydney, Australia, you’ll be able to ensure extraordinarily fast web page loading speeds for your visitors from Asia, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand. The Australian data center that we work with is situated in the Central Business District of Sydney and is among the best–connected data centers in the region.

In the Australian data center, you’ll be able to pick between two types of web hosting services – Linux shared website hosting and Virtual Private Servers. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee ensured by our expert sysadmins who are working on–site 24x7x365. To get your websites hosted in our Australian data center, simply select it from the dropdown menu on the order page.

Linux VPS Packages Australia Services

In addition to Linux shared website hosting, in our Australian data center you can also find Virtual Private Servers – the ideal hosting solution for your site if your Linux shared website hosting is no longer sufficient and a dedicated server is just too overpriced for your budget. Our Linux VPS Packages Australia offer enough system resources to handle all kinds of media–rich web sites. With our premium Linux VPS Packages Australia, you can even kick off your own hosting company.


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