Weekly Data Backups

Existing in a world where a single absent comma or bracket in your code can affect your site, having an efficient backup is vital. And when you have a full server, even though a virtual one, getting a complete server backup which can be recovered easily is a must have. And this is what our company offers with our OpenVZ virtual private servers - a variety of full server backups every week, created entirely automatically from us, without having any affect on the server functionality and needing any work on your part. The backup service is available with all of the OpenVZ virtual private servers, regardless of their rate or attributes. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Allow your OpenVZ virtual private server function as a core hub of your worldwide web presence. Thanks to the unlimited hosted domains provided with each of our OpenVZ virtual private servers you'll be able to finally have all of your domain names unified and managed from just one location. In addition, with our web hosting control panel, you can manage both your domain names and your websites in an easy manner. No more dependence on further domain name or billing panels. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

Manage your websites and domains with minimal effort, when using the completely free Web Hosting Control Panel, provided with each of our OpenVZ virtual private servers. Made to function exclusively together with our hardware and software setup, our control panel is much quicker than every other control panel available. And it’s set with handy bonuses and instruments you’re able to use.It enables you to quickly handle your domains and web sites from the very same place, without the necessity of additional billing panels. What's more, it eliminates the needs for FTP clients having the capability to instantly upload files over a protected connection directly using your Internet browser window. Having a fully fledged Email Manager, Database Manager and an in-depth Stats Manager, you can find all the tools you'll need available and quickly accessible. And don’t forget to employ our website accelerators, included for free, which are created entirely to boost the speed of your sites and applications. Free Control Panel

Free Bonuses

When you buy an OpenVZ virtual private server from ROWorld, in addition to the actual server, you will also have an assortment of value-added bonuses.Right from the start, we add a complimentary dedicated IP address, which can be used for your main website. In this way, it's easy to make your website easy to distinguish from all the other websites which use shared IPs. At the same time, a dedicated IP is required should you wish to have an SSL certificate - something that is nearly a requirement if you want to run an online shop. If you'd like to get a profit from your VPS, yet you don’t own an existing online store or an item you are able to sell, you can quickly change your virtual server into a hosting server due to the free of cost reseller hosting tools. We provide you with a domain reseller account and billing software for a combined worth of over $300.00 USD, which can offer complete automation for your hosting business and also, they are very simple to install.Finally, we have a ton of 100% free bonuses and helpful software instruments present in our absolutely free Web Hosting Control Panel, that are well worth exploring. Free Bonuses

Data Center Choices

Pick an OpenVZ virtual private server and choose your data center with ROWorld. We’re aware just how essential is the position of a data center for the sleek browsing experience of your visitors. That's why we have selected a number of the best data centers, located all over the world and we've made them available for you. You are able to select from the US data center in Chicago, the UK data center, in the outskirts of London as well as our AU data center, based in the business heart of Sydney. Each one of these data centers features a 99.9% guaranteed network uptime and outstanding connectivity opportunities. No matter which data center you choose, the server cost will continue to be exactly the same. Data Center Choices

Full Root Access

If you're tired of the restrictions of conventional shared hosting accounts, our OpenVZ virtual private servers are an excellent solution for you. Each of our servers contains full root access. Because of this you'll be able to make various modifications to the software on your server - from altering little details in your PHP setup, to recompiling the Apache and even the installation of a whole new OS. All you have to use is some SSH-enabled client, which you'll find for virtually any Internet connected unit. If you want some assistance in working with your VPS, you can call our 24/7 tech support team. Full Root Access
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  • WordPress, Joomla and a lot of other web applications now only a mouse click away. Find out about the App Installer – a handy tool that is an integral part of our Site Control Panel.

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  • Special prices for SSL certificates with ROWorld. You can have your certificates installed automatically once they are ready.